I was never away from politics -Pawan In a recent interview, power star Pawan Kalyan revealed that had he not become an actor, then he would have become a gardener, which he always loved being in the first place. Pawan had great interest in farming, and therefore, decided to either be a farmer or gardener if films didn’t work out. Surprisingly, unlike other stars, Kalyan chose to speak more about his life, past, childhood and lot more.

He said he was a depressed kid and always wanted to live a quiet life and never aspired to be an actor. He always wanted to be associated with nature, philosophy and social issues and that acting happened by accident. Kalyan also said he keeps searching for real Pawan Kalyan, who was a below average student in school and over the years had become a voracious reader, in him. When asked about politics, he said “I was never away to go back to politics.”

He is currently working on the script for Gabbar Singh sequel, and simultaneously busy handling the pre-production the project. He also wants take out time to support young talent and aspiring filmmakers.