I Was Dragged into The Controversy - Rakul Preet Singh I Was Dragged into The Controversy – Rakul Preet Singh[/caption]There are so many heroines in the Telugu Film Industry who came from North and who can’t speak the language but have bagged big roles in big films. But, it was only Rakul Preet Singh who was particularly targeted by Sri Reddy with regard to casting Couch issue.

Rakul thinks that she was dragged into the controversy only because she said that she didn’t face casting couch in Tollywood as she had worked with some nice people. Once again, the Tollywood heroine reiterated that she spoke from her own experiences and feels sorry for those who had experienced casting couch in the industry.

At the end of the day, she stood by her words. Of course, industry insiders like Jeevitha and Thammareddy Bharadwaj spoke good words and supported Rakul Preet Singh lauding her hard work and how she has learnt the language though she is a Punjabi by birth. Currently, Rakul is busy with Tamil movies, even.