I was clueless and hence did Satya 2 - RGV

Having made films on gangsters, political rivalry, one man against a system, RGV said he made Satya 2 because he was clueless of what to do next. Since he didn’t know where to go next, he decided to make a sequel to Satya. The film, he says, is about one man’s mission to lead the underworld.

RGV added that when he narrated the story of Satya 2 to Maharashtra ATS Chief Rakesh Maria, he said that he has not seen a criminal-minded individual like the filmmaker. He says that Satya 2 is that kind of film i would have made had i not entered the underworld category.

Satya 2 stars Shrawanand and debutante Anaica. The film, which is being dubbed in Telugu, is likely to hit the screens soon.