This Valentine’s Day traffic is going to hit the screens of Telugu cinema. As one would have guessed by now Traffic is the name of a film and it stars well known actors like Prakash Raj, Sarath Kumar and Radhika Sarath Kumar. This is the title of the Telugu dubbed version of a Tamil film called Chennaiyil Oru Naal that incidentally was a remake of a Malayalam film called Traffic. There is a Hindi remake also in works currently.

The Malayalam original upon its release was hailed a path breaking movie by the local media and several people from the across various film industries in India showed interest in directing the film. Our own Telugu director VV Vinayak who launched the trailer of the film of Traffic said that at one point he was among those who wanted to direct the film and thought of casting either Jr NTR or Ram Charan in a crucial role in the film. However he couldn’t and is therefore wishing the producer who has dubbed this film into Telugu for our Telugu audience.