i-want-to-act-in-pawans-direction-says-happy-days-fame-vamsee-chagantiIf we say Vamsee Chaganti, many of us might not even recognize who the person is. But when we say, this Vamsee Chaganti is Shekar Kammula’s ‘Happy Days’ guy who deceives his friends for the sake of his girlfriend, then the picture might be clear.

Though Vamsee couldn’t exploit the success of ‘Happy Days’, currently he got a challenging role playing Vangaveeti Murali in RGV’s political drama ‘Vangaveeti’. This guy understands that he didn’t make serious efforts to struggle in the industry.

But now, he has changed his ways and his present goal is to act with Kamal Haasan and act under the direction of Pawan Kalyan. And to be worthy of it, he has to proves himself observes the actor. He knows that with his present status, he can’t stand beside them.