Hari Hara Veera MalluPawan Kalyan’s fans are breathing fire on Harish Shankar for materializing the Telugu remake of Theri with the former. They are hurling abuses and trolls at him on social media.

But in reality, Pawan Kalyan is said to be the one without the required time or interest in a remake. He is of the opinion that remakes can be wrapped up quickly.

Incidentally, the first period film in Pawan’s career Hari Hara Veera Mallu had been in all sorts of trouble. The film has been in the making for a long time now and there were many delays since its inception.

Firstly, Pawan is doing this film only as compensation for his producer-friend AM Ratnam. When Ratnam first approached Pawan, he was asked to prepare a remake subject by Pawan. But the producer insisted on big budget period film HHVM.

Pawan then had to take up HHVM due to Ratnam persistence. And as feared, it suffered multiple delays in production later. It is heard that when Ratnam later approached Pawan about the delays, he had one reply “I told you to do a remake. But you insisted on this big period film. It would’ve been optimal for us to work on a remake”.

The end point is that Pawan himself is adamant about original scripts and he’s looking for remakes, given his political aspirations.