In Tamil cinema, like any other film industry, there are always proxy wars between the fans of top stars like Ajith, Vijay and Surya. We can always see them trending something or the other either in support of their hero or against the opposite hero. One of the most hotly debated things that lead to frictions among these fans groups is the views of the teasers and the records it sets. Fans always boasts of record views and the likes, in fact recently for a big film a thank you function too was held keeping these views in mind.

So when recently teasers of two films were launched, one of which was that of a reigning Superstar in Tamil cinema Vijay, it was expected that records for the views would be shattered. However they have all been stunned into silence with the sensational response for the teaser of Vikram starrer I, directed by Shankar. The teaser has reached 5 Million views, an All Time South Indian record, in just under a week where as the Superstar’s Kaththi teaser is struggling at just 1 Million views. This has finally silenced the fanatic fans who boasted of views and they are all now just simply waiting for the film to hit the screens.