Want Original: Rajamouli is big but mega is biggerRam Gopal Varma’s tweets on various issues are as interesting as his movies which he made early in his career. Specially his tweets on mega family have earned him the ire of the mega fans. For the people who are closely observing his tweets since a while, it’s evident that he is linking everything either to Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie or to mega family heroes.

RGV doesn’t agree to that and says he is the biggest mega fan. Chiranjeevi & family knows it and hence they don’t comment or take his tweets in a negative way. It’s only the mega fans who are misunderstanding him and creating controversies. He states that it’s because of mega fans he stopped drinking Vodka. Seems Tweeting’ is giving him more ‘Nasha’ than Vodka. 🙂

On tweets about Varun Tej, he asks the readers to follow his tweets properly because he meant to say Varun Tej is a realistic actor by the virtue of his performance in ‘Kanche’, not to say other mega heroes aren’t capable. Whatever is topical on his mind for the moment, expresses in the form of tweets and he isn’t only talking only about mega heroes but also on different subjects which hold his interest at that point of time.