I really hope my next would be with Mahesh  Kangana Ranaut is one actress who has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood. Recently when she appeared for a candid interview, the actress talked more about her career choices as well as her personal life. The actress explained that she has quite a few friends in Hyderabad and that brings her back to the city again and again. As for her activities in Hyderabad, she goes searching for pearls as well as good food.

Kangana also said that if given a chance, she would love to act in another Telugu movie. However she has not got any offers yet but given a choice, she would like to act alongside Mahesh Babu who not only is a talented actor but is also popular with the crowd. As for her concentrating on solo movies, Kangana says that it is not due to some particular choice but it is just happening spontaneously.