I owe my career to Ravi Teja – Harish Shankar

Director Harish Shankar says that he is incomplete without Harish Shankar. That his career would have been a failure had the actor not believed in him after the colossal flop of Shock, which happens to be the directorial debut of Harish. He says that had Ravi Teja not agreed to work with Harish in Mirapakaya then his career wouldn’t have taken off.

Luckily for Harish, Mirapakaya turned out to be a blockbuster and rest, as the cliche goes, was history. Harish went on to direct Gabbar Singh and never had to turn back. He says he known that RV didn’t live up to the expectations of audiences, but he is nevertheless happy with the response the film has received.

He says he has a script for Ravi Teja in mind, and says he would to love collaborate with him if given an opportunity. Currently, he is happily enjoying the response to RV, both positive and negative, and will soon start working on his next project.