Puri-Nithin’s Heart Attack is releasing today. As part of promoting the film Puri had given an interview to a tabloid and answered a question about his fight with Pawan Kalyan. There had apparently been rumours going around regarding Puri Jagannadh’s apparent fallout with actor Pawan Kalyan. Puri however has refuted all such rumours and said that he owes his career to Pawan and would love to work with him again. Apparently, the media took an off the cuff remark made by him and spread these rumours around. Puri however has brushed aside all these allegations and said that it was a non issue.

There has also been lots of voices speaking out against the undignified portrayal of female characters in Puri’s films. Puri, who has been taking a whole lot of flak over this issue explained says that it is groundless. He also asserted that he holds a lot of respect for women which can be seen in his films since all his female characters are independent women who drive the movie. Talking about Adah Sharma in Heart Attack Puri said she is just not a glam doll in the film, her performance will make a mark.