Versatile Telugu film actor, Ranganath, has shared his life experiences and incidents to the viewers. He speaks about the beautiful days in the industry, the various roles he has performed, the success and popularity he gained and the only fight he had in his career.

Ranganath claims to have had differences with a person only once in his entire career and that one person is none other than the sensational director, S.S.Rajamouli! While shooting for a movie, a certain scene came where Ranganath had to a ‘Namaste’ gesture. During that gesture, the camera was placed in a wrong position, a position with which the artist, Ranganath, wasn’t comfortable. But Rajamouli wanted it to be like that. Difference occurred, and the shooting had to be called off for that day.

But then, the next day, the atmosphere around was as if nothing has ever happened. Things seemed so normal and the shooting continues as smooth as it ever had, said Ranganath. Having fought with one of the best directors is an incident he felt like sharing with his fans and viewers.