Actress Tamannah is in the highlights again. The actress who has previously enjoyed major screen space in the first part of ‘Baahubali’ movie will also be seen in the sequel. Tamannah recently shared a little about her role in ‘Baahubali 2’ and mentioned that she’ll be there in the climax. However, rumours and gossip have twisted her words and she’s being accused of saying that she is ‘the climax’ of the film.

The actress has been getting a lot of hate for that and even more rumours are coming up. To set things right, the actress clarified by stating that she “never said that [she is] the climax.” After saying that she’s being misquoted, Tamannah added that “I only said that I am in the climax portion.”

Meanwhile, rumours were rife that there was an argument with director Rajamouli and was hence not present for the promotions. Those who watched surprised to see Tamannah limited to a couple of shots in Baahubali 2.