Lakshmi Rai

The brutal gang-rape in Delhi inspired many film and TV serial makers alike to retell the tragic story through these mediums so as to keep the memory of Nirbhaya alive. As the story is soon to be narrated in the form of a Telugu film and a Hindi crime series, opinionated actress Lakshmi Rai has announced that she wouldn’t mind playing the role of Nirbahaya on the screens.

In her own words, “I don’t see why I shouldn’t play a role like this. This is an issue that has affected many of the country’s youth and has raised an alarm like never before. I want to do my bit by playing the victim of the Delhi gang-rape.”

She further added, “By doing a film on Nirbhaya, I will be educating everyone on the dangers in society. From children to adults, everyone is in a state of panic. I believe that there wouldn’t be anything wrong in essaying a role like this, I’d gladly take it up if someone approaches me with a script.”