Playback singer Baba Sehgal rose to fame crooning energetic numbers for Pawan Kalyan. He is one of the busiest singers down the South and most sought stage performer for several events. Now the singer is all set to experiment with new avenues. He is composing music for Anand Raga’s upcoming Thriller ‘Poga’. He is ambitious to make his first attempt successul and is experimenting several new styles for the audio. On the other side, Baba is also going to play baddie in a big Telugu film. He is currently hitting gym to build body. Lets wish Baba success in these new ventures!

Baba Sehgal had recently released a private number on his favorite actor Pawan Kalyan. Baba syas he heard about Pawan’s latest film Hare Rama Hare Krishna and it depends on the music composer if they need me to sing for them. He says he likes Pawan as a person, he is very down-to-earth man.

Baba Sehgal very soon planning to release two more singles in Telugu and Tamil!