Sridevi, the timeless actress who single-handedly changed the face of the Hindi film industry, has once again returned to the silver screen with her brand new film ‘English Vinglish.’ In a recent with Zee TV, the actress opened her heart about her exciting comeback to the box office and the influences of her personal life on her professional one.

Sridevi claims that she is very eager for the movie and dedicates her lack of nerves to the director Gauri who in her own words made a wonder out of the film ‘English Vinglish.’ As for her personal life mingling with her professional one, Sridevi felt proud to see her movie on screen along with her husband and two daughters. According to Sridevi “As a mother I felt proud. My husband was also there along with my daughters when the film was screened at Toranto, so it was a special moment for me.”

English Vinglish released yesterday and received excellent reviews from critics. It’s a must go film for every parent and every child.