SS Rajamouli rare

Various celebrities have come out and spoken in support of Kamal Haasan following the ban issue faced by his latest film Vishwaroopam. The latest in line is maverick Telugu filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli who is shocked about the government’s ban of a film release and cannot help wondering the state of freedom of speech in the country.

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In Rajamouli’s own words, “What about the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Indian Constitution? Is that freedom being pushed down the drain when Kamalji’s film is being targeted? And didn’t the honourable Supreme Court rule that no government can stop any film’s release for reasons of law and order? Are governments above the law?”

He further added, “At first I thought this was just vote-bank politics. Now it appears that it is more of a personal vendetta. I feel very sad that this should happen to someone of Kamal Haasan’s stature. But more than sadness, I feel fear.”

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