Ashutosh Rana

In a recent interview, actor Ashutosh Rana opened up and talked about his various roles in the industry as well as the domestic role played in his off-screen life. Rana, who is a family man, talked about handling his on screen and off screen presence as well as dividing the time between his profession and his family. Rana acted in Pawan Kalyan’s Bangaram, Bala Krishna’s Okka Magadu and few other Telugu films.

“I definitely miss my family when I’m travelling, but their existence is always there — in my heart and mind. I’m blessed with two children and when I’m working, Renuka takes care of them and when she is working, I take on the role.”

Talking about the villain roles often played by the actor, Rana said, “I do negative roles with a positive attitude. Every negative role has a different shade to it. They are challenging. Not everyone can pull it off on screen. I have not done too many films, but have received appreciation for most of them. People have loved my work so far and that’s what is important to me.”