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I Didn’t Want Pawan to Enter Politics

I Didn't Want Pawan to Enter Politics - SunilThis is what comedian turned hero Sunil feels about Pawan Kalyan. Don’t be confused going by the title of this article. When asked about Pawan Kalyan’s political entry, Sunil said that he never liked Pawan Kalyan to venture into the politics.

“Pawan Kalyan is an intense genuine fellow who doesn’t oversee things but takes up genuine causes to fight,” said Sunil. Pawan Kalyan always wants to do good for society. According to the sunil opinion, he can try doing some social service instead of entering into politics.

‘Yadh Bhaavam Tadh Bhavathi’ is the verse Pawan Kalyan believed and used to preach the same. Sunil wants Pawan Kalyan to lead a comfortable life instead of taking up all the problems in a State as any one person can’t solve all the problems. Whatever money Pawan Kalyan has, will not be enough to fulfil the needs of all the people, says Sunil.

Well, Sunil tries to say that he likes Pawan Kalyan so much that he doesn’t want him to toil hard. How many of you agree with Sunil’s opinion? Can’t the cine celebrities dedicate their time for the people and do something for society through politics?


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