Nandu-actor-in-drugs-caseIn the recent past several Tollywood young heroes names surfaced in drug racket mafia in Hyderabad. Few of them like Varun Sandesh, Nani openly came out and tried to prove their innocence. Now it is singer Geetha Madhuri’s husband Nandu’s turn to face the blame. After Superstar Kidnap movie director has been arrested for the possession of drugs, Nandu has been pulled in to this chaos and a Tv channel aired the news that Nandu and his family supposedly in absconding after the police started chasing for him.

Hurt by the news Nandu had come out in open and trashed the news as a trick to gain TRP ratings. He clarified that he is accessible to media and his cell phone was never switched off as reported by the media firm. Nandu said he himself checked with the police if his name is included with the case filed but it was not the case.

Geetha Madhuri too requested not to believe such false news spread by the Tv channel. We will have to wait and see how this case will turn from here.