I choose what I want to do – Nithya Menen
There are heroines and there is Nithya Menen. Heroines are often chosen based on the availability and pairing with particular star. A heroine for an example in a top hero film is taken if the amount demanded meets the budget of the film or if the dates of the actress are perfect fit for the shoot of the film. If the dates of one heroine don’t match then another one is taken in her place, they are so interchangeable.

But when it comes to Nithya Menen things change. Her parts are nor replaceable with other heroines for starters. And when it comes to Nithya Menen films she chooses her parts, she chooses the films she wants to do and she does them across all the languages in South Indian film industry. The actress isn’t dependent on top stars to get films and believes in the scripts and her role in it. She says that she does which ever films she wants to do and thus through her choices she has created a market for herself. People come to see a Nithya Menen film because she stars in it not for other reasons. How many actress today can command such a following and respect. Way to go Nithya.

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