Kajal Aarwal

Kajal Agarwal, the upcoming heroine, lives by her own set of beliefs. Although it sometimes comes across as conservative, it is by virtue of these values that Kajal handles herself in the industry. The latest in her moral code includes saying no to bikini at a time when all the young actresses are shedding their clothes left and right.

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According to Kajal, , “I have an Indian looking face and I fit such roles easily. But I’m not going to get type cast. I’m not willing to wear a bikini on screen because it does not match my sensibilities. I have my reservations and I will not do anything that I can’t watch with my family”.

Not only this, Kajal is very particular about choosing her films. “I’m not in a hurry for Bollywood. I’m balancing my career in South and had 5 films in Tollywood. I’m very selective”.

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