Rajamouli Karthikeya son

Ace director SS Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya is proving his talent as a production executive in Bahubali and Manam movies. 21years old youngster works sincerely and does not give any scope to get attention as a son of a famous director. Even Rajamouli does not treat him like a son in the sets. That is the right path of grooming the child.On the trail and error basis, he did many things when he was in the teens.

“I had different aims in life when I was doing my tenth. Initially, I wanted to become a cinematographer. I started working with Senthil for ‘Yamadonga’ as his assistant. Later I realized that cinematography cannot be my profession,” says Karthikeya who is often called as junior Rajamouli. He worked as an assistant director for a few films but those did not give him the satisfaction.

Apart from working as a production executive, he is running service apartments with friends. He has a plan to establish a restaurant in the future. Karthikeya wants to set up a production house als and become a producer. He is not keen on acting and direction. But one thing is certain. He can command his directors as a producer, thanks to learning all the techniques as a director.

Good luck Karthikeya.