Sukumar---Mahesh-BabuIt’s like ‘Crying over spilt milk’ to go back and think that it could have been better if done better. Sukumar is in introspection stage and in a recent interview, he accepted how a ‘would-be’ blockbuster turned into a flop.

He was referring to Mahesh Babu’s ‘1-Nenokkadine’ which ran well in the US but turned a flop in the domestic market. Sukumar still regrets giving a flop to Mahesh Babu. He thinks, “Had I put little more efforts and if I had 7-10 days time on my hands, I would have adjusted the flaws and gaps.”

Technically, the film was brilliant but confusion killed the experience of the audiences, big time. Now that Sukumar understood that any story will be embraced by the audiences only when it is told in an intelligible way. According to him, audiences are never wrong.