I and NTR’s Mother Share Kannada BondKGF 2‘s release is just around the corner and the team promoted the film in Telugu states the other day. In one of the interviews, Yash was asked about RRR and he gave some interesting info about the film and its stars.

Yash says that RRR is a cinematic experience and he was thrilled to bits watching the film on the big screen. He also adds by saying that wherever he shoots in Hyderabad, Ram Charan sends food to him.

Adding further, Yash said that NTR personally invited him for dinner and the way his family, especially his mother treated him was something else and will never forget their hospitality for the rest of his life.

Yash also says that NTR’s mother was a sweetheart and spoke to him so nicely. As she belongs to Karnataka, the affection was even more, says Yash ending the conversation. KGF 2 is releasing in a huge number of screens and is set to tumble a few records at the box office.