I Am Not Addicted to Alcohol Says Character ActorCharacter actors are quite important for any film. But over the years, only a few character actors have managed to stay foot in the industry like Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh. Satya Prakash is one such actor who did not get that kind of long career though he has done a good number of films.

He is known for his aggressive temperament and has a tag that he is an alcoholic and used to come to the sets drunk. When asked the same to Satya Prakash, the noted actor says that he never got addicted to alcohol in his life.

Adding further, Satya Prakash says that he only used to drink post the pack up and was against the rule of taking drinks in the morning. As he used to go to a lot of motivational classes, he used to urge everyone not to drink in the morning as the sun rays would fall on us and give an adverse effect to our body.

Satya Prakash finally says that if he was an alcoholic, he would not have acted in 500 movies in 13 languages all over the country.