I Am Not A Director, Just a Mediator: MaruthiDirector Maruthi is a busy man these days attending the promotional events of his upcoming film Pakka Commercial, which will hit the screens this Friday.

During one of the interviews, he was asked about his projects with Prabhas and Chiranjeevi and how he would project them in his upcoming films.

In reply, Maruthi said that he always tries to project the heroes the way the audience and fans want to see them. He said, “I always want to think from the audience’s point of view and project the heroes that will satisfy them, be it Chiranjeevi or Prabhas.”

He added, “I always try to convince the heroes that this is the way the audience will love watching them and will make them feel close to the audience. So I am not a director but a mediator between the hero and his audience.”

Besides a movie with Chiru, Maruthi confirmed that a film with Prabhas is also in the pipeline, and more details about his future projects will be revealed only after three weeks of Pakka Commercial release.

One thing is for sure, Maruthi won’t experiment with Prabhas’ film. He is not going to take any chances and will deliver exactly what he is capable of. So Prabhas fans know what to expect from this combo.