I am beyond politics -Rajni

Known for his unmatched way of popping a cigarette into his mouth, famous super star Rajinikanth is now advising his fans to quit the habit. On the momentous occasion his 62nd Birthday, Rajinikanth, in front a gathering of his fans, attributed his health issues to smoking but confessed being unable to give it up.

He told the tale of his recovery from a kidney ailment, which involved extensive medical treatment along with the blessings of God and his fans’ wishes. “I haven’t quit smoking, but you should do so,” the super-hit actor remarked.

About his political inclinations, Rajinikanth stated that he has no political ambitions. Also he once extended support to a DMK-led combine in elections against AIADMK. To his fans’ appeals with regards to playing a larger political role, he said, “I would not be an effective leader and have no plans to launch a party,” however he expressed gratitude to the Tamil people for “providing me with a livelihood.”