I am a pirate - RGV

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is again in the news for his sensational comments. This time the director gave few mind-blowing statements on piracy saying that he is a pirate. The director in an interview today as part of promotion for his upcoming film Satya-2 said that he always watches movie in piracy and that he had in the past sold piracy movies too. He even went on to say that he is today what he is because of piracy.

Now if rewind to two decades back, Ram Gopal Varma back then had a video parlour where he would be renting movies and it also included many piracy movies as well. Ram Gopal Varma was reportedly even taken to a police station in one such piracy incident. But it is courtesy of these piracy movies the madness for movies reached a peak in Ram Gopal Varma. He knew about various world movies courtesy these piracy movies. So when the director says that piracy has made what he is today, he certainly says it with an element of truth to it.

In general too while many speak about anti piracy and other such things as illegal, it is an open secret that everyone downloads movies and watches them. So we suppose these statements from the director could be given a pass even if it’s kind of supportive to piracy. Is there anyone out there who can say with confidence that they haven’t watched a single movie so far in piracy? Share us you thoughts on these statements by RGV and how many agree with him?