Mega Bhajana in JabardasthThere is a talk in the industry that many of the contestants in the popular ‘Jabardast’ show praise the Mega Family heroes sky high and do their ‘Bhajana’. Hyper Aadi spoke about this talk and thinks it’s actually not true.

Aadi who is one of the contestants in the Jabardast show justifies the acts of the contestants who take mega family themes and songs. He thinks that many of them might be mega fans and that could be one of the reasons why people think ‘Jabardasth’ is replete with Mega Bhajana.

There is also a talk that Naga Babu takes classes to contestants on the show. Clarifying on the same, Aadi says Naga Babu does take classes but only to those contestants who neglect ‘Jabardasth’ show due to other commitments. When they got recognition by the virtue of ‘Jabardasth’, Naga Babu thinks they should give time for ‘Jabardasth’ rehearsals even.

Coming to Hyper Aadi, he is doing a full-length character in Allari Naresh’s upcoming ‘Meda Meeda Abbaayi’ and even wrote some dialogues. From the trailer, we understand that he used the punches as the USP of his writing. Let’s see how he grows as an actor and writer in the industry.