KCR in CM office

The TRS government may have just knocked off a historic development milestone to Hyderabad city. KCR’s objection to the Metro Rail project may create roadblocks to the project which may be very difficult to over come. KCR wants the metro rail to go underground in the places where it is likely to disturb cultural heritage. However L&T which handles the project is not sure if the metro can go underground.

Presence of hard rocks in the soil of Hyderabad is creating a lot of problems for the digging of pillars in the existing project. If the project have to go underground, the difficulties will grow by multiple folds.Also the project cost will increase too much. For example, the pillars per km are costing Rs 200 crore and this can escalate to Rs 500 crore and more per km. Also going underground will get in to lot of other factors like diameter of tunnels and power supply problems etc.