‘Be a Roman when you are in Rome’ says a popular saying. Hyderabad belongs to everyone in Andhra Pradesh till few days ago but it will not be any more. The state is bifurcated and many hearts in the Seema Andhra are broken. And now an Irani Chai stall in Seema Andhra drops Hyderabad from its name. A tea stall in Vishakapatnam which sells ‘Hyderabad Irani Chai’ is now selling ‘Seema Andhra Irani Chai’ now.

Venkateswara Rao, a tea seller in Four Town area says “Hyderabad is not a patent for Irani chai, anyone can make it. Hyderabad once belongs to Andhra Pradesh so my tea stall had the name. Now I see no point in continuing with the name.” Mr.Rao is planning to start two more ‘Seema Andhra Irani Chai’ stalls in Vishakapatnam very soon. Even the customers of the Chai are happy with the change.