Allu- Arjun-Allu Arjun by and large enjoys huge fandom and social media presence as one of the top heroes of the Telugu Film Industry. So, the Hyderabad city cops decided to use his persona to propagate a sensible message.

Hyderabad Police shared a video clip of Allu Arjun from his recent blockbuster ‘Ala Vaikutnhapurramuloo’ in which he says, “A ‘No’ is always a no and when it comes from a woman, it definitely means a ‘No’.”

This sensible message from the movie is being spread by Hyderabad Police with a tagline, ‘Respect woman not because she is a woman but because you are a gentleman.’ How thoughtful and impressive it was!

Though indirectly, Allu Arjun’s dialogue means it attracts the social media users to think about it. Right?