There is a rumour making the rounds in the industry today regarding some remarks actress Kajal agarwal made on Vidya Balan. It appears that the media has unfairly reported about Kajal refusing offers for a Telugu remake of Vidya’s Dirty Picture on grounds of indecent exposure. According to Kajal, these are all untruthful news and people are misrepresenting her. Kajal says that she never received any such offer and all the snarky remarks against Vidya are untrue.

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Denying the truth of all these rumours, Kajal said, “Firstly I was never approached to star in the telugu remake of Dirty Picture. I don’t know how these rumors even began. I respect Vidya immensely for the choices she’s made. It takes a lot of courage to do something that’s unconventional and she is but of course my senior. I would never talk rubbish about her. I truly believe that she did a fabulous job with her role in the movie. This is very upsetting.”