Hungama begins in TamilAdvance booking for the Tamil biggies Jilla and Veeram, releasing for the Pongal has started which means the battle of dominance has officially begun. Already there is a tremendous pressure on either side to get the best possible release for their films. However the theatre owners and distributors are taking being cautious so as to not get in the bad books of the respective stars and are giving equal number of screens for the respective films.

Tamil cinema has seen numerous clashes in the past, in fact Ajith and Vijay themselves have had few clashes at the box office but they were in an age when the release size didn’t matter. Films used to release normally and run based on the talk. Today whoever gets a big release gets a major advantage where as the one losing out finds it hard to cover that openings loss in the long run even if it’s the better liked film among the two.

Actor Vijay would know the importance of big release better than some of his peers though courtesy of films like Velayudhum and Kaavalan. Ajith on the other hand is known as King of Openings and has been getting big releases since some time. It would be interesting to see which one of these two starts emerge as winner in the opening battle. Who do you think will get the bigger opening?