Huge-Disappointment-for-Telugu-Actress-Eesha-RebbaFor the first time, a Telugu actress has got a full-fledged role in a feature film and that film turned out to be a disappointment for her. ‘Raagala 24 Gantallo‘ opened to mixed talk from all over, both reviews and word of mouth.

It’s very rare that a Telugu girl gets a female-oriented movie, but ‘Raagala 24 Gantallo’ didn’t actually give her a role that would be remembered for her performance as her character was poorly etched.

Though Eesha was true to her character, there isn’t much to make the role memorable from her side. So, the only chance that seemed to be a hope for the Telugu girl has turned out to be disappointing with poor talk.

She laid a lot of hopes on this film and if the movie was good enough, maybe, Eesha Rebba would have had a boost up in her career. Hmm!