Hrudaya Kaleyam crew is safe and sound

There were reports yesterday about the attack on the director and actor of the film Hrudaya Kaleyam. The latest on the issue is that as usual the media seems to have over exaggerated the actual events. According to the director, there was already a brawl going on at the hotel involving some drunken youth. They recognized the director and started abusing him and the actor, they even reportedly shut and banged the door tightly on his which caused a little scratch on his face but nothing beyond that happened, shared the director.

When a police complaint was filed on those by the director, they came and said sorry to him, says the director which is why he has withdrawn the case. All the news about him being severely injured and admitted to hospital etc are untrue and Sampoornesh Babu is already busy with the promotions of the film clarified the director. Even other cast from the film chimed in and said that media people need to calm down. An official press release is going to be released from the makers of Hrudaya Kaleyam soon.