Hrithik's Shocking Take On OTTBollywood’s Greek God Hrithik Roshan’s Vikram Vedha was finally released across the globe. Co-starring Saif Ali Khan in a key role, the film is a remake of the cult Tamil thriller with the same title. Pushkar-Gayatri who helmed the original directed the Hindi remake as well.

During a recent promotional interview, Hrithik was asked two questions. While one of them is the dominance of South content in Bollywood, the other one is the boom of OTT culture among the audience.

Hrithik very smartly said that he doesn’t differentiate between South cinema and North cinema as there is only one cinema industry which is Indian Cinema.

Responding to the OTT culture, Hrithik said that it’s good that people are now exposed to all kinds of cinema. He added, “It’s great that the taste of our audience is improving because of this exposure. And we have to keep up with their new tastes. If we can’t come up with content that will satisfy them then we deserve a tight slap on our faces.”

He also suggested filmmakers, writers, and actors come up with fresh ideas to impress our country’s new age audience who are ready to embrace films that match the high-quality content they watch on different OTT platforms.

Many people are appreciating Hrithik’s views and are hopeful that in the future he will deliver solid films with strong and entertaining content.

Vikram Vedha opened to good reviews, but the opening day collections have been disappointing because of the remake factor. The film needs to jump BIG on Saturday and Sunday for a decent weekend.