Despite his best efforts, Hrithik Roshan is not able to turn the table for himself. And now he had pinned high hopes on the third edition of Krish series to be back to business. The actor had left no stone unturned to get into shape for his upcoming superhero film. He had hired world famous fitness trainer Kris Gethin and his wife Maraica Johnsoone to do the job for him.

“Hrithik’s (body) 110 per cent better than what he has done in the past. I am sure people will be blown away seeing him on screen. His physique is better.. he is more muscular and athletic in ‘Krrish 3’,” the trainer, Krish Gethin added anticing the fans of the hero. The film will be released during Diwali 2013 along with its 3D format on November 03, 2013.