Hrithik’s Roshan’s Krrish 3 and Aamir’s Khan Dhoom 3 are two of the highly anticipated films of the year with Krrish 3 having a huge following among kids and Dhoom 3 being largely awaited by the youthful audience. As such, it is hardly a surprise that the two films are pitted against one another even though their release date varies over a month. Hrithik Roshan’s K3 is releasing on this Diwali while D3 will be released in the Christmas week. But this is where things get uncomfortable. The fact is even though Krrish 3 releases on Novemeber 1, Aamir has scheduled a grand promotional event for his film along with the rest of the cast and crew a mere two days before the release date of Krrish 3 which will steal the media attention of Krrish3.

It is said that Aamir himself persuaded Aditya Chopra to have the event on Wednesday while Krrish 3 releases on Friday.