Tollywood top exposing heroines

Tamanna is going to be paid back in her own coin. How stupid a statement is this! Are they pawns in a chess game to checkmate each other? Then the obvious question would be… why and how? Coming to the point, in the recent V.V.Vinayak’s film, Tamanna did an item number ‘Na vonti kalaru milku, na inti peru silku’. A top heroine like Tamanna dancing in a hot item number is no less an attraction for the film. But Samanta put a check on Tamanna by resorting to more skin show wearing skimpy outfits. In fact, Tamanna’s skin show has been over shadowed by Samanta’s over exposing.

Now the role has reversed. Tamanna is playing the heroine for Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ and light eyed beauty Shruti Haasan is dancing for an hot item number for the movie. Shruti’s item number got a lot of hype and it’s obvious that she is getting more coverage than the lead actress Tamanna. In ‘Alludu Seenu’, Samanta put a check on Tamanna by going for more skin show than the item girl. Since Sammy never resorted to skin show before, that became her USP to sideline Tamanna. How can Tamanna put a check on Shruti?

Tamanna already did a lot of exposing in her earlier Telugu movies and she can’t use that on Shruti because even the light eyed beauty is popular for going bold on screen. Finally where would all this end? One heroine exposing more than the other and upto what extent? After maximum skin show, what would be left for them to offer audience from their side? After a couple of movies, skin show becomes routine and boring. Then what next? Why aren’t they even thinking of improving on performance and compete in doing challenging roles instead of focussing on skin show? After late Soundarya, is there atleast one actress who can be proudly projected as her succesor? Sad state of affairs indeed!