How & Why Balakrishna Wins Elections Easily?Nandamuri Balakrishna is short-tempered. He beats fans. He is one of the most trolled actors on social media. We often hear many of these but Balakrishna still wins elections easily. 2019 election is easily the worst nightmare of TDP. Even Chandrababu Naidu’s majority in Kuppam got decreased.

Besides Kuppam, TDP managed only two seats in Rayalaseema area and one of that is Balakrishna’s Hindupur. Balakrishna even bettered his 2014 majority in 2019 which is a big surprise. Why and how Balakrishna wins an election despite a very negative campaign unleashed on him by the Opposition between 2014 and 2019.

Here we have the answer in the latest episode of Aha Video’s Unstoppable Talkshow which released last night. There was a women who says her baby girl was born with a cancerous cyst in her stomach. Being a small girl, no hospital even came forward to treat her.

Some TDP leader has recommended the case to Balakrishna and the actor has ensured treatment and got her cured in his Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital. The girl came running and hugged Balakrishna. It was an emotional moment which touched everyone.

It was not a one-off incident. There are numerous such cases which sets Balakrishna apart from other politicians. There are many such stories in his constituencies even though he is busy shooting for his films. The human touch Balakrishna shows despite the short-temper we often see or hear makes him win elections easily.