director vikram kumar newxt movieVikram Kumar is waiting for the release of ’24’ eagerly. He has given variety in the form of ‘Manam’ and ’24’. So he is going to go back to the horror genre. His ’13 B’, titled ‘Yavarum Nalam’ has been a runaway hit in 2009.

Vikram is ready with the scripts of two sequels for the film aka ’13C’ and ’13 D’. He says these scripts are ready with hm since long but if he makes the trilogy one by one, back to back, he would be branded with the horror genre. Hence took different genres as his next films.

So, the question on his next project is already answered. Audiences would really be excited to know this piece meal because ’13 B’ starring R.Madhavan in the lead had been an engaging story which indeed proved baap (father) of horror films in South.