How many of you have suffered pimples problems in Teenage? May be 90% if you… Some of you may still have scars left by the irritating pimples. There are numerous face creams available in the market but you always find it tough to chose one. Here are five best creams in the market.

1. Shahnaz Hussain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion: One of the oldest and effective one in the market. Both the cream and lotion has many takers. It is a herbal cream made of rose, margosa, ashwagandha and turmeric essences. Cost: 500 Rupees for 100ml

2. Biotique Wintergreen Oil Of Winter Green Cream: This cream contains extracts of the winter green herb known to have a soothing, cooling effect on skin inflammations. The neem oil present in it along with extracts of Bearberry and Euphorbia. Very effective in fighing pimples. Cost: Rs 199 for 16 gms.

3. Himalaya Clarina Anti-Acne Cream: Made of aloe, almond and Indian Madder. Have to be applied twice. This one have mixed reviews from its customers. Use it at your risk.Very cheap at Rs. 50 for a 30 gm tube.

4. Fabindia Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream: Propylene Glycol, Vitamin E, Acetate, Gum Xanthan, Methyl Paraben, Allantoin and Propyl Paraben are the main components of this cream which helps in de-pigmentation and skin lightening. It also helps in removal of age spots. Cost: Rs 300 for a 100 ml jar.

5. Lotus Herbals Papayablem Papaya-N-Saffron Anti Blemish Cream: The best part of this cream is it is all natural with essence of papaya, saffron and apricot, along with clove oil, lemon peel extracts and wheatgerm oil. Dampen skin a bit before use and use it at nights. Cost: Rs.295 for a 50 gm pack.