How To Cut Down Balayya? YSRCP Ecosystem Worries!For some reason, the YSR Congress ecosystem is always worried about Nandamuri Balakrishna even though he did not sound politically ambitious. There was a massive mud-slinging campaign on the star between 2014-19 to defeat him in Hindupur.

But Balakrishna surprised everyone by bettering his majority in the 2019 elections. They have given a break to the campaign after that and once again restarted it now. We have seen the party’s ecosystem trying to under mean Akhanda’s success and attribute it to caste. There has been a barrage of stories about Akhanda – a potential 60 Crore film is running only because of Kamma community.

And then, we have YSR Congress MLC Shaik Mohammed Iqbal attacking Balakrishna saying that the star is focused only on films and is neglecting the constituency. Iqbal has contested and lost against Balakrishna in 2019 and was rewarded with an MLC position to counter Balakrishna.

And then, there is a smear campaign on a Promo of Aha Video‘s Unstoppable with NBK. Balakrishna is seen getting emotional about the Vennupotu Episode. We do not know what is in the video but there has been propaganda vilifying Balakrishna in that episode.

It looks like the YSR Congress ecosystem is too worried about Balakrishna and is trying its level best to cut down the star.