How Sreekaram Controversy Started?The controversy between Sharwanand and the makers of Sreekaram has come as a surprise for the entire industry. Both the parties are known to be non-controversial and so this fallout has become a talking point in the industry. Meanwhile, a source close to the industry reveals the producer’s side of this controversy.

Firstly, Sharwanand went on an unexpected break last year just when the Sreekaram team planned the shoot of the climax. If the shooting has been completed in time, the movie would have released last year and saved lots of money (interests) to the producers.

Also, the film chamber mandated a 20% cut in the remunerations due to the Pandemic. Moreover, there are several pending payments for the producers regarding Sreekaram from the distribution side. They can not force anyone since the industry is under a complete Lockdown.

Furthermore, they have a pending payment from Sharwanand when they distributed Ko Ante Koti movie in Krishna District in 2012. They are waiting for the second wave to come down to work on all calculations to settle for Sharwanand. “We are committed to clear the payment for Sharwanand but these are difficult times to everyone,” the producers are saying to their close ones, we heard.

Meanwhile, Sharwanand’s argument is that the payment should have been cleared before the release but he waited until after the release to help the producer. So, he feels justified in asking for immediate clearance.