How Sree Leela & DJ Tillu Missed Golden OportunityTalented young beauty SreeLeela is a shining star of recent release, Dhamaka. Her energetic dance moves and crowd-pleasing act have worked. She has become one of the rare actresses who can leave a mark in commercial films, where the importance of heroines is strictly limited.

Incidentally, SreeLeela had recently opted out of DJ Tillu 2. This is a big missed opportunity for both SreeLeela and also DJ Tillu 2.

SreeLeela has connected with the youth and she oozes energy. And as for DJ Tillu 2, the film is a youthful entertainer. So, SreeLeela working on DJ Tillu 2 would have been a perfect match.

But that isn’t to be as SreeLeela is no longer a part of the project. This is a missed opportunity that both parties would rue.

Tillu is the kind of film SreeLeela needs to cement her position amongst the younger audience, and Leela is the kind of energetic addition Tillu needs. But that isn’t happening sadly enough.