RRR Successfully Killed MultistarrersRRR is one of the biggest multistarrers in Indian cinema, if not the biggest. It bought together two heroes from two warring camps – Ram Charan and Jr NTR. Well, these heroes have forged an unbreakable bonding but their fans are spitting venom at each other.

The ugly social media brawls between NTR and Charan’s fans are as ugly as it can get. All hell broke lose after Charan attended HCA awards event recently and NTR had to stay back due to the passing of Tarakaratna. This led to an ugly confrontation between Charan and NTR’s fans.

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Charan’s fans say their hero got great recognition globally and he’s the star of the show. NTR’s fans argue this is all just a paid campaign to highlight Charan and belittle NTR.

It got to an extent where HCA had to tweet out, saying they did invite NTR for the event but he couldn’t make it due to other reasons.

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These senseless fan wars that serve no purpose are putting not just RRR but Indian cinema to shame on global platforms as this is the first time an Indian film got such a reception globally and these fans are ignoring it, to continue with their abusive exchanges.

After seeing all this, it should be near impossible for any two superstars of equal stature to come together for a film ever again, fearing a similar scenario. Such is the degree of the ugly fan wars surrounding RRR.

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As it appears, RRR has successfully killed the multistarrer trend. Not just that, from now on, even Hollywood media and awards events might think twice before encouraging an Indian film after seein RRR’s fan wars.