rajamouli Hits and Flops

SS Rajamouli is the most successful director in Tollywood today. The director’s indisputable track record attracts media to every move of his. With the super success of Eega and the successes of his remade movies, he managed to garner national wide attention. Audience are eagerly looking on to his next project, Bahubali. The movie has been in preproduction for more than 4-5 months now and the media coverage the movie has got is more than any film gets in its full run.

On every other day, a news or rumour pops up out of no where. Given the magnitude of the movie, media has to report the news in a day or two, media should also cover the clarification news if the report is false. In a way, Rajamouli is helping the media providing enough feed. And in the other way, the producer is benefited with crores worth of free publicity.