How Much Rajamouli Is Making?It is known that SS Rajamouli is presenting Bollywood biggie Bramhastra in Telugu. It is not like an obligatory “Rajamouli presents Bramhastra” tag but Rajamouli is actively stepping out to promote the film.

Not so long ago, he travelled with the team to Chennai and promoted the film there. He is set to attend the massive pre release event in Hyderabad on 2nd September, which will also be attended by his superstar friend Jr NTR.

After seeing Rajamouli’s outright involvement with Bramhastra, Tollywood followers are commenting that Rajamouli is not just a namesake presenter for the film and he might actually hold a stake in the film’s returns.

“Rajamouli is becoming an integral part of Bramhastra. The makers are using Rajamouli brand image to market the film here. Wonder how much money is Rajamouli making from Bramhastra. He sure would be pocketing fancy money given the scale of the film,” a Telugu netizen commented.

Bramhastra is a mainstream biggie featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Nagarjuna and others. The film is directed by Ayan Mukherjee and it is up for theatrical release on the 9th of this month.

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